Surveillance/Evidence of infidelity

We offer a highly discreet and confidential service for both matrimonial and cohabition areas. This is a very delicate area of investigation and you can be assured that your partner would never know of our investigators existence.

We offer surveillance services for the movement of your partner and whether there is any infidelity involved. We also can provide surveillance investigation for online dating partners to discover more about the person to whom you are communicating with. 

Other services include surveillance and tracing of a person relating to a wide range of circumstances from missing maintenance payments to suspected bigamy.

All enquiries conducted
by EMG Investigations
comply with the requirements
of the Data Protection Act.
Our DPA Registration
number is: Z2172291
At present private investigators in the UK
are not licensed. However,
The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is currently developing their approach to the licensing of private investigators. An exact
date of when licensing
will be brought in is unknown
Payment to EMG Investigations can be
madeby cash, cheque
(having cleared) or by
any of the major credit
or debit cards

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