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EMG Private Investigations and Historical Research offers a national and international service

Background Checks

Background Checks Investigations

EMG Investigations offers background checks for corporate, legal and private clients and for a variety of reasons be they pre-employment/employee vetting, business relationships or for personal reasons such as pre pre-relationship/marriage checks.

Employee Checks/Employee Vetting is most commonly conducted pre-employment. We have different levels of enquiries which can be adapted to your requirements.

Some of the areas that you may wish to investigate are:
• Personal information – including address verification and residency      history.
• Family information – such as marital status, divorce history,                children.
• Financial information – such as property ownership, assets,                bankruptcy.
• Media search – including social media and negative information            searches.
• Professional history – including CV verification and professional            qualifications.
• Business history – such as Directorships and business                          relationships.
• Criminal record – through media searches (in UK).
• Directed areas for research.

We often offer surveillance services  as an additional level of investigation to complement our background check service if required. Furthermore, our background checks are often conducted as part of business Investigative Due Diligence investigations.

All of our enquiries are Data Protection compliant. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, reference: Z2172291.

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